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The club’s new look in ’61 featured a navy blue-infused “C-Reds” mark on the front of the jersey, a blue border around the “C” on the cap, and a black band to the left side of each jersey honoring longtime owner Powel Crosley, Jr. who passed away shortly before the season. 1967 HomeAs part of their 150th anniversary celebration, the Reds will wear 1967 uniforms on July 28, presented by St. Elizabeth Healthcare Tickets. Single Game Tickets … 3-2-1 Tuesdays Summer Sundays Pink Party Sliding into Om Premium Seating Press Club Group Tickets Hospitality and Party Areas Reds Gift Cards My Tickets StubHub.1967 – Home The jersey’s sleeves return, and the blue highlight is gone. This would be the last season that the Reds would wear pinstripes until 1993, which is also the year the sleeveless-look would return. Date Debuted 4/10/1967 Reds beat the NL Champ Dodgers, 6-1. Harper leads off, Rose bats 3rd, Perez plays 1st, and Deron Johnson at 3rd.The 1967 Cincinnati Reds played 162 games during the regular season, won 87 games, lost 75 games, and finished in fourth position. They played their home games at Crosley Field (Park Factors: 111/111) where 958,300 fans witnessed their 1967 Reds finish the season with a .537 winning percentage.For the first year of this design, 1967, the home uniform bore red pinstripes, but in 1968, the pinstripes were removed and did not reappear until the classic uniform style was abandoned in 1993. This was the uniform the Reds wore at their fifth appearance in the World Series in 1970, which they lost to Baltimore.1967 saw a new ownership group take over and, in Cincinnati, that meant improvements to Crosley Field—new paint, improved bathrooms, new concession counters and, with this group, a heightened marketing presence. Signage around town increased, including a large sign facing the new highway to inform the locals.1967 Cincinnati Reds Statistics 1966 Season 1968 Season Record: 87-75-0, Finished 4th in National League ( Schedule and Results ) Manager: Dave Bristol (87-75) General Manager: Bob Howsam (Hired 1/23/1967) Farm Director: Chief Bender Scouting Director: Jim McLaughlin Ballpark: Crosley Field Attendance: 958,300 (8th of 10)View history The 1967 Cincinnati Reds season consisted of the Reds finishing in fourth place in the National League with a record of 87-75, 14½ games behind the NL and World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals. The Reds were managed by Dave Bristol and played their home games at Crosley Field.A Cincinnati Reds uniform numbers list by Baseball Almanac which includes every single uniform number ever worn by every single Cincinnati Reds player in history. … 1967 Cincinnati Reds: 37. Bob Johnson : 1968 Cincinnati Reds: 38. Woody Woodward : 1968 Cincinnati Reds: 39. Woody Woodward : 1969 Cincinnati Reds: 40. Woody Woodward :Also included were the 1967 Red Sox and the 1969 Mets. The Reds held first place from August 16th on. The team won 23 more games than in 1960. The 1967 Red Sox were +20 wins, and the 1969 Mets +27 wins. Team’s Attendance 1,117,603, 4th in the League The 1960 team played just 3 games for 20,000 or more patrons.CINCINNATI — For some players and fans, they’re just numbers on a uniform. For others, they’re more meaningful and even part of an identity. The Reds have had numbers on player jerseys since 1932. … Nolan went 110-67 with a 3.02 ERA for the Reds from 1967-77. He had a 1.99 ERA in his ’72 All-Star season and pitched in four World Series …What is this Cincinnati Reds Logo? In 1967 the Cincinnati Reds removed blue from their colour scheme and went back to the red and white, their new road grey uniforms reflected this fact by simply removing the navy blue trim from their CINCINNATI arched red wordmark. The Reds wore this style for just the single 1967 season.Cincinnati Reds Uniform History. Year-by-Year History & Performance. View specific date: View other teams: National League: Arizona Diamondbacks: Atlanta Braves: Baltimore Orioles: Boston Americans: … Cincinnati Reds 1900 View jerseys per game and results . NOTE: Jerseys shown are those worn most often at home and road during that season, not …What is this Cincinnati Reds Uniform? A white vest with red pinstripes worn with a red undershirt. Reds primary logo on left chest opposite player number in red and blue. … Primary Logo (1959-1967) Primary Dark Logo (1959-1967) Alternate Logo (1960-1967) Alternate Logo (1961-1966) Cap Logo (1961-1966) Cap Logo (1961-1966) Cap (1961-1966)What is this Cincinnati Reds Uniform? A grey vest worn with a red undershirt, CINCINNATI arched across the front in red with navy blue trim … (1959-1967) Primary Dark Logo (1959-1967) Alternate Logo (1960-1967) Alternate Logo (1961-1966) Cap Logo (1961-1966) Cap Logo (1961-1966) Cap (1961-1966)HISTORY OF REDS LOGOS. As with any organization or sports franchise that has been around for decades, the Cincinnati Reds have featured a number of different logos over the years. Follow below as we take a look back at the evolution of Reds logos over the last 150 years, from the “Gothic C” of the 1869 Red Stockings to the introduction of Mr …In 1967 the Cincinnati Reds eliminated the navy blue and brought back the wishbone-style C. The logo featured a white C on a red field with REDS inside in white, this was worn on their white home jersey with red pinstripes for just a single season. … Other Cincinnati Reds Logos and Uniforms from this season. Primary Logo (1959-1967) Primary …Home is solid white with red piping, logo is a navy wishbone C with red inside and “Reds” in navy. Road is grey with red piping and the same style logo. Alternate introduced, worn with red or white pants and white cap. GoldSmith 1937 The set reverts to the 1935 style. The 1936 alternate is reused, but with the new navy/red bill cap. GoldSmith 1938A 1967 Cincinnati Reds schedule with dates for every regular season game played, opponents faced, a final score, and a cumulative record for the 1967 season. Data from the 1967 Cincinnati Reds schedule includes home and road winning percentages, monthly win-loss data, team versus team totals, and score related splits. Research by Baseball Almanac .Men’s Cincinnati Reds Pete Rose Mitchell & Ness White Cooperstown Collection Authentic Jersey. $14999. Men’s Cincinnati Reds Nike White Home Pick-A-Player Retired Roster Replica Jersey. $9799 with code. Regular: $13999. 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