Nike NFL jerseys always belong to me

Every time I walk past a Nike store, I allay can’t help stopping. Through the showcase, looking inside the NFL jerseys for sale,my heart will race against me.

Since I was a child, I have enjoyed sports very much, especially ball games. Every time I look at other people running on the court in their football jerseys and shoes, I always think this:A white Cheap Ezekiel Elliott Jerseys, free and easy running on the court, all sprinkled with pride.Yes, how much I longed for such a jersey, but when I thought of the old decorations at home and the simple clothes of my parents, I suppressed the fire of longing.

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Today, it was Sunday, and my father asked me to dinner. With the shining sun, my father and I went to the busy street.Walking, I could not help but stop, in front of us, “Nike store” five rather beautiful characters immediately tight my head, which control my mind.I looked at the jersey with the big number 21
The lucky number I liked, and the NFL jersey at the collar, which I knew was a major NFL game jersey.The Nike is the sole agent for the supply of jerseys for all Major League teams. “son, why don’t you leave?” Asked the father kindly.

” No , no , nothing . Let ‘ s go . ” I twisted my head and said to my father without so – called .Father seems to have read my mind and smiled to say to me: “son, I haven’t bought you a dress for a long time, let’s go buy one.” My father pulled me into the shop where he had loved me for a long time.

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The clothes in the store were so varied that I saw them dazzling. I looked around excitedly, and suddenly a white dallas cowboys throwback jerseys came into my sight. Instinctively, I was attracted to go forward, looked down at the price tag, and couldn’t help but stay at $380.

Holding the tag for the jersey I couldn’t help but think of the clothes on Mom and Dad, who were always wearing white washed clothes.I felt a lot of sadness in my heart. I was wondering how a NFL jersey could be so expensive to add up to that material, and Nike was still looking for a lighter idea, and there was no weight in clothes.

I hastened to let go of the price tag that had been pulled out of shape. Biting my teeth, I said nervously. Seriously, I really want to buy that authentic stitched nfl jerseys, which likes it really belongs to me.